Dr. Diane Ordway, PhD

Associate Professor

Dr. Diane Ordway finished her B.Sc in Microbiology at Colorado State University in 1992. Dr. Ordway received a full doctoral scholarship to attend the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine receiving her Ph.D. in Infectious and Tropical diseases in

Dr. Deepshikha Verma, MSc, PhD

Research Scientist

Deepshikha Verma is a PhD from Institute of Microbial Technology (IMTECH, CSIR), India and has her degree in Cell biology and Immunology. Dr. Deepshikha Verma is currently working as Post-Doctoral Researcher with Dr. Diane Ordway, and plan to look forward

Ajay Grover, PhD

Graduate Student

He obtained his PhD at Panjab University M.L.N. College in India. He is currently a Research Scientist in Dr. Ordway Laboratory.

Kristina Tran

Work Study, Biochemistry